March 5, 2021

Industrial Floor Coatings project

As a dedicated Industrial Floor Coating Contractor, we believe in taking the time to fully understand your project so that we can give you a floor that’s implemented just the way you need it. Listen to Chris Bisop, Flooring Division Vice President in the South Texas region talk about this unique undisclosed client project.

On this client’s industrial project the original scope of work was for 90K Sf of Urethane Cement with an ESD topcoat and 7500 hours to install. During the middle of the installation, the client decided to switch to polished concrete. Our team spent the next 52 days removing the original installation and polishing the entire floor, as a result, teams worked 12-hour days every day for over 7 weeks with each team averaging about 70 hours a week.

We delivered beyond expectations with a crew of 20-25 people, 6 planetary grinders, ride on demo machines, over 120,000 concrete patches, and lots of hand grinding. At Cherry Coatings we elevate the level of customer service and build on a foundation of trust.

Better solutions. Better industrial floors.