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Safety Stats

Cherry Coatings has invested in the safety of our workers and by using seasoned in-house qualified safety professionals.

4 Full Time

Dedicated Safety Members

52 years

of combined experience

Covid-19 Statement

As a company we take the health of all employees very seriously and consider it our social responsibility to help protect against the COVID-19 pandemic. Cherry Coatings has developed a comprehensive program for the prevention and response actions of the COVID virus. This enables us to keep the risk of exposure low for our employees in the field and offices.

Safety Mission Statement

To All Employees:

It is the policy of Cherry Coatings to provide a safe and healthful working environment for its most vital resource, its employees. The safety of employees is the greatest interest of all management and supervision levels, ranking in importance above production, quality, costs, and service.

Cherry Coatings basic philosophy is that all injuries can and must be prevented. While the responsibility of safety begins and ends with every employee, that responsibility is shared throughout the entire organization. Supervisors are accountable for their groups, and individuals are responsible for their own safety. There will be no place in the organization for an unsafe employee. All employees at every level are expected to fully accept responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of those with whom they work. All employees will be focused on managing the safety process with a high level of commitment and unbending philosophy of never compromising on safety – a passion for safety excellence.

The degree of commitment from Cherry Coatings management and field level employees establishes the importance of safety, and high commitment which guarantees support for individual components of the safety effort throughout our project sites.

Management has the authority to procure the necessary resources to execute the objectives of our company’s safety and health program. Managers, supervisors and employees shall be held accountable for meeting their responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Program.

Safety Measures / Precautions On-site

Our foreman and leads are trained in safety practices and OSHA regulation by continuous in-house training by our full-time safety staff. Field leadership are trained at the competent person levels and qualified in OSHA 30 topics.

The safety department provides continuous mentoring and coaching on safety leadership to our field leaders as well. This enables our supervisors to communicate with their employees and offer them coaching and mentoring right onsite.

All newly hired employees go through an onboarding process before going to the field. This in an orientation process sets our expectations and the importance of safety for all our staff. At Cherry Coatings “Safety isn’t a work step, but the way we step up our work”

Inspections / Project Documentation

Cherry Coatings uses trained safety professionals in cooperation with our operations team to conduct random compliance inspections on all our projects. We utilize an occupational health & safety inspection platform that provides detailed information of our site inspections. This platform also provides us with necessary metrics that is shared with the company leadership and all employees across the company to provide data on deficiency and positive patterns seen across all our business locations, which we share lessons learned through toolbox talks and hazard alerts.

Environmental Processes / Protective Gear

Cherry Coatings complies with the most up to date environmental regulations that impact our business type. This includes Wastewater & Waste management programs, chemical management with our coating products and spill prevention techniques.

Complying With Industry Standards & Regulations

We manage or regulatory requirements daily to ensure we exceed what government agencies require through ethical Health, Safety & Environmental corporate responsibility.

Cherry Coatings manage our 3rd party customer required compliance systems such as ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC, etc. To make it easier for our customers to review our compliance anytime.

Increase Safety

Freshly-painted environment is brighter and therefore more visible, which reduces the risk of accidental impact and falls.

At Cherry everyone owns safety, and everyone has input on our safety program. We use a bottom up and top down approach, so everyone has a voice for their safety.


Our company incident rate is 85% lower than the national average for our industry. (According to BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics-2018)

We have never had any regulatory citations or fines in the 52 years of being in business.

Our safety culture and systems exceed most competitors in our industry.