Austin, TX
$4 million


Tallest Residential Tower west of the Mississippi River, 58 Story 685 foot tall building taller than the Austonian by 2 stories. With a unique jagged design, some people referring to it as the Jenga Building.

The Mayflower Apartment

Dallas, TX
$1.2 Million


Dallas’ newest and most trendy luxury apartments perfectly positioned in Downtown Dallas.

Stayton at Museum Way

Ft. Worth, TX
$2 Million


Upscale retirement community just off of West 7th. Developed by Texans, for Texans, and managed by Texans.

The Drever

Dallas, TX
$4+ Million


Located on an entire Dallas City block, The Drever mixed-use project includes the best-in-class multi-family, hotel, restaurants, office, spa, and parking. The 50 story, 1.5 million square foot skyscraper is designed to offer a luxury residential and elegant boutique hotel.