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CPR & 1st Aid

All Foreman & Supervisors


Training (PMS & Supervisors)


Training All Foreman

Safety Stats

Cherry Coatings has invested in the safety of our workers by hiring seasoned  in-house qualified safety professionals.

6 Full Time

Dedicated Safety Members

72 years

of combined experience

A message from our CEO

Our #1 Goal at Cherry is that EVERY EMPLOYEE COMES HOME THE SAME WAY THEY CAME TO WORK. (My hope is that you come home better because someone impacted your life in a positive way). 

We cannot do it alone. It takes every single one of us! 

Stay Safe and Let’s Be Great! 

Our Policy

Cherry Coating’s policy is to provide a safe and healthful working environment for its most vital resource, its employees. Keeping all employees safe is the top priority for all managers and supervisors.

Cherry Coatings’ philosophy is all injuries can and must be prevented. While the responsibility of safety begins and ends with every employee, that responsibility is shared throughout the entire organization. Supervisors are accountable for their teams, and individuals are responsible for their own safety, as well as for others throughout our project sites. All our employees are focused on this commitment and a passion for safety excellence.

Managers, supervisors, and employees are held accountable for ensuring the effectiveness of our Program.

Measures / Precautions On-site

Our foreman and lead supervisors are trained on all practices and OSHA regulations through continuous in-house training by our internal safety staff, as well as mentoring and coaching on safety leadership. As a result, our supervisors are able to communicate with our teams to offer coaching or mentoring on-site.

All newly hired employees go through an onboarding orientation process which sets our expectations and the importance of safety for all our staff. 

“Safety isn’t a work step, but the way we step up our work”

Inspections / Project Documentation

Cherry Coatings has trained safety professionals who collaborate with our operations team to conduct random compliance inspections on all our commercial painting projects. We utilize top software platforms to house detailed information on-site inspections, track or analyze necessary metrics with leadership, educate employees, provide data on deficiency and positive patterns across all our business locations. We also share lessons learned through toolbox talks and hazard alerts.

Safe Work Practices

Complying With Industry Standards & Regulations

Maintaining compliance is a top priority for Cherry Coatings, and we uphold all current OSHA and state regulations based on the industry, comply with city codes and guidelines, work closely with clients to be sure all regulations are met, schedules are followed and satisfaction is secured.

Increase Safety

At Cherry, we focus on educating and training team members to make safe choices impacting all colleagues, their families, and the communities in which we live and work.

Our industry is united in our commitment to continuously improve a safe culture and send every employee home safe each day.

We encourage everyone to share best practices and work together to strengthen our industry’s culture by conducting on-site safety awareness activities and education.

Thank you for supporting our initiatives and recognizing our efforts to be injury-free on job sites, as well as increase awareness of the importance of being committed to being in a safe environment, every day.



Our company incident rate is 85% lower than the national average for our industry. (According to BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics-2018). We have not had any regulatory citations or fines in the 53 years of being in business. Our culture, training, and processes exceed most competitors in our construction industry.