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Cherry Coating History

  • 1968

    Cherry Brothers painting company partnership formed

    My older brother, Jan, taught me that you can fight with someone, truly go head-to-head, while still loving them with all your heart. Disagreements are bound to happen, but we’re family. We have carried this mindset throughout adulthood and throughout our relationship as business partners. One of the reasons we worked so well together is because we balance each other out. After growing up in the same household, we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This allowed us to strategically divide our responsibilities. “Jan’s role was the quarterback managing the office and accounting side, and I was the receiver managing the field staff, clients and sales.” says Pat Cherry, Co-founder of Cherry Brothers Painting.

  • 1973-1979

    Cherry Painting Grows

    We went from two to three person crews, to fifteen to twenty-five guys per project. Our projects during these years were mainly banks, restaurants like Denny’s, to small retail shopping centers. We also diversified into painting apartment buildings.

  • 1978 – 1984

    The Expansion Years

    For the next several years we painted a lot of buildings on Interstate 75 and LBJ Freeway in Dallas. “What really mattered to us was to have a good reputation, and treat our employees well.” – Pat Cherry. 

  • 1985

    Economic downturn

    During this time we stayed afloat working on shopping centers and residential homes but with the economy slowing down, so did our business pipeline of work. 

  • 1986 – 1995

    Focus moved to south Florida

    During the economic downturn, things dried up in Dallas. Since we had relationships in the Southeast with some of the top general contractors we opened an office in south Florida, and moved here with our families. We helped paint and rebuild south Florida in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew swept across causing lots of destruction. Within this decade we became the largest painting company in south Florida. 

  • 1996 – 2007

    The Quality Years

    Cherry Painting came back to Dallas, and rebuilt its client base, as well as reputation in Texas. By 2004, the third generation of Cherry’s join the company with Zack Cherry. Then in 2009, Rocky Cherry joined Cherry Painting. 

  • 2008

    Cherry opens an Austin office

    “The decision to expand in Texas and open a second office in Austin was a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Zack Cherry. “It’s critical that we are where our clients are building to service them most effectively.”

  • 2009 – 2016

    The Growth Years

    The third generation of Cherry’s now actively manage the company. Rocky’s role takes on estimating and business development. While Zack focuses on in-house teams with accounting, hiring, and managing operations. Pat still continues as CEO.

  • 2017

    Cherry Coating name change

    As the company, services and projects grew, the Cherry Coatings name change reflects the company’s broader expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of this company. 

  • 2018

    Cherry Coating opens a Houston office

    “Opening an office in Houston in addition to our presence in Austin will further strengthen our service capabilities in the fast-growing markets in Texas,” said Rocky Cherry, Vice President.

Cherry Coating Leadership

Zack Cherry


Rocky Cherry

Vice President

Zip Drain

Division President

Ryan Samsel

President, Flooring Division

Chris Bishop

Vice President, Flooring Division

Lanny Herrod

Manager, Maintenance Coatings Division