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CHERRY COATINGS is a family-owned company established in 1968 with a history of innovation, safety, and unmatched resources. We are leaders in providing new construction painting, industrial flooring, and maintenance coatings services. With offices across Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee, we have worked on some of the largest commercial projects in the region. DELIVERING BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.


We’re proud to hold Top Job Awards and be named as the third-largest painting contractor in the US by ENR Top Speciality Contractors.

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It gives me great pleasure to write this unsolicited letter recommending the services provided by Cherry Coatings. Josh Langwell and Ken Harris as well as the team they managed, worked for over two years on the Kalahari Resort project in Round Rock, TX. I've lost count of the number of times these guys went above and beyond the call of duty!

Kalahari Resorts, PM

Cherry’s project team proactively staffed the project to meet the needs of the schedule and at all times acted in the best interest of the project. Their attention to detail, safety, scheduling, pro-activeness, leadership responsiveness, and the quality program is unmatched in the commercial coatings industry.

DPR Construction

A very professional operation in all aspects, from estimating, to performance, to follow up. Their work is always completed on time, with plenty of field resources, within budget, and thorough clean up.


Cherry consistently provides us with the knowledge and expertise to price and address construction issues at an early phase of challenging projects.

BECK Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Pat Cherry and Cherry Paint for over 35 years. Pat taught me a lot about the construction business. Now as I have gotten to know Zack and Rocky better I can see that Pat practiced what he taught me. I can say that they have learned well. We love to have great partners like Cherry Paint on all of our projects because we know the value they deliver!

Andres Construction

I can always count on Cherry to get the job done on schedule; they have the resources and tradespersons available to adjust on the fly to meet our schedule needs. The quality of their work made turning over units an easy process. Because of the expertise of their staff, I could always trust that what Cherry was doing or recommended what right for the project - a trusted partner who took my project seriously.

Archer Western

Cherry Coatings delivers exceptional customer service and great performances whether on budgets or the projects we build together. Cherry and McCarthy are both client focused companies founded on customer service and excellence in the field and these similarities serve us well as partners!

McCarthy Construction

It is not often as a General Contractor that you feel so strongly about a subcontractor's morals, but Cherry has proven to be one of the most honest companies that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Not only have they always been dependable and proven to be dedicated to the projects that I contract them for, but they have always delivered a quality product in a timely fashion and are a large part of why my projects are consistently completed on time.


When I first met the crew at Cherry Paint, I was skeptical and cautious. I had never worked with Cherry before and naturally, assumed they would likely be “just another painting company.” I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumption. Their honest and upfront approach to their work is refreshing in an industry where trust seems to be a difficult thing to find.


Cherry Coatings has always been great at setting up tee times.

Rogers-O’Brien Construction

When you build a highly complex facility under tight time constraints you want to make sure you have the right partners doing the right things. Time and time again, Cherry has been that partner for DPR.

DPR Construction

I have worked with cherry coatings for over 33 years. They are team players who deliver consistent quality and outstanding performance for a competitive price. They have worked with our staff to schedule their work in such a manner to avoid rework caused by damage from other trades. We consider cherry coatings a valuable partner of our team.

Andres Construction

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have Cherry Coatings perform the coating scope on multiple projects. They are always ahead of the game on communication, coordination, they employ painters who genuinely want to do the job right, and they always deliver a top-quality product!


I have been working with Cherry for over 12 years. They have always been my go-to painter, especially when I am in a time crunch. I know that I can rely on them to respond when needed, even when the response is sometimes the next day. When people ask me for a recommendation of a painting contractor, the first company I think of is Cherry Coatings.

Structure Tone Southwest

The attention to detail, the transparency in communication, and the responsiveness we experienced working with Cherry Coatings were refreshing and encouraging. We strongly state, without hesitation, that Cherry Coatings enabled us to achieve a successful project for Dell Children. Their commitment and dependability make it easy for us to work with them.

Lott Brothers