Sherman High School
Painting Division
June 4, 2021

Sherman High School

Sherman high school campus opened this 3-story, 500,000 sf building in Q1 2021 to replace their current high school. It will serve up to 2,600 9th-12th grade students, providing modern spaces for generations of Bearcats. As the district’s only comprehensive high school, the campus will include core academic spaces, indoor and outdoor athletics, fine arts, and an extensive array of career and technology shops and labs. The campus also features a cafeteria that seats nearly 800 people, an upstairs library, a café, a media center, and an athletic center fit for ESPN. The future campus provides extensive opportunities for students, room for growing enrollment, and numerous safety and security improvements.

Sherman High School uses a lot of branded paint colors

Cherry Coatings teamed up with Cadence McShane Construction to provide our painting services for Sherman ISD. VLK Architects in-house team of VLK|Pixel™ refined the school’s environmental branding throughout the facility by incorporating a lot of brand paint colors throughout Sherman High School’s new building.